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The way we work is changing. The way we communicate is changing, but the values we hold have not changed at all. A Serviced Office fits the new paradigm.

Human interaction remains an integral part of our DNA. The value of meeting face to face hasn’t changed – it’s just become much more important because it happens less often in the present pandemic world.

Today we want freedom, even more. The need for flexibility and versatility has become absolutely essential as the conventional model of office space has become impractical, unprofitable and increasingly unhygienic. As business people we want to take advantage of every technological development to mitigate the restrictions of operating in an all-embracing variable global crisis.

The new office space model demands the freedom to work differently. We still crave the values to think, dream, design and achieve, but now we often achieve our business goals physically alone and virtually together.

In the ever-changing current commercial environment the value of doing things together as people still holds true. We are more successful as individuals if we can work successfully with other individuals. Teams, groups, units of people.

When we must meet physically, we need and demand the safest most congenial office environments for our meetings and discussions and business assignments.

Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Co-working Spaces, Virtual Reception Services.

At Serviced Office Direstory we provide you with all the smart alternatives to the conventional world of long-term office leases and the traditional overheads of maintenance, cleaning, utilities, furnishing, security and in-house reception etc..

From Serviced Offices to Virtual Offices, Co-working Spaces and Virtual Receptionist services – we can arrange the most reliable, proven and cost-effective solutions that will sustain and grow your business while also securing the flexibility that is so vital in today’s challenging business environment.

We have more than 15 years + professional Australian experience in this industry and all the expertise to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Interaction. Flexibility. Trust. Security.

We have prestigious CBD addresses available throughout Australia!

Serviced Office environment

A Serviced Office environment isn’t just an option anymore. It’s a solution.

A Serviced Office is not just a solution to one problem. It’s a solution to a lot of issues that every business needs to address these days.
Challenges such as:

  • So many of our staff are WFH now. We just don’t need as much office space anymore, it’s just burning funds - and we don’t want to be locked into long term leases when things are so uncertain.
  • A lot of our staff mostly work from home but I want to get everyone together every month so we keep a grip on morale and we can present the strategies for the next business quarters. We’ll need a location that is really easy to get to and somewhere my people are happy to visit.
  • We’ve been able to secure new business in other states and we need to set up a business presence in a few capital cities, but we don’t want to spend too much in these early days. The days of big announcements and large offices and huge signage are well and truly past for us. Our customers all know our brand. We just want a really pleasant office space in a very central practical location. Somewhere we can meet clients and get all the support like IT and hospitality and conferencing facilities.
  • My business partner and I mostly work from an office nearby our homes but it’s getting too cramped and we also need a better business address, a better profile than a shopfront in the suburbs. We also need somewhere with meeting rooms to meet clients and interview the new staff we are going to need for the next phase of our business plan.

Virtual Offices The future will be actual and virtual. A Virtual Office means a prestigious address for your mail and business cards and a stylish place to catch up with clients. Save all the costs of being somewhere else. Stay private and central with a Virtual office /Address.

Meeting Rooms Totally fit for purpose, our fully furnished meeting rooms are stylish, comfortable and spacious. These spaces provide privacy in a welcome setting of ambience and functionality. Natural light, a well-balanced décor and state of the art technology ensures premium conditions for all your meetings.

Co-working Great surroundings. Excellent amenities and a sense of community. Our co-working spaces let you concentrate in a stylish space with support and facilities that are sublime. Share the atmosphere with like-minded talent and nurture your ideas and grow your business in a safe, secure and stylish co-working space.


Our Spaces

Our range of Serviced Offices is the best in Australia. From the iconic multi-award winning I Bligh St in Sydney, to the stylish address of Collins Square in Melbourne and Brisbane’s acclaimed One One One Eagle Street, we provide cost-effective status with an ambience that supports success. Our limited listing is aligned with our values of offering only high floor Serviced offices with spectacular views in highly esteemed buildings at the very centre of the capital city CBD.

In Sydney we also offer Serviced Offices, meeting rooms, conferencing facilities and co-working spaces at the renowned Governor Philip Tower, Aurora Place, Australia Square and the classic Three International Towers at Sydney’s latest business location, Barangaroo. All our Serviced Offices are totally modern, totally fit for purpose. Your business will thrive in this dynamic atmosphere of achievement and purpose, with scalable space and advanced technology and professional services to support your every need.

Meeting Rooms Virtual Receptionist Your local Australian based Virtual Receptionists. Highly experienced receptionists answering phone calls in the name of your company.
Full Kitchen Kitchen and Break out areas Take a break and recharge. Network. Enjoy the first class facilities
Conference Room Conference Room Plenty of room. Advanced audio visual tech with support. Great space for strategizing

The Serviced Office Solution.

Our Serviced Offices are fully equipped with facilities and amenities that are far superior to the conventional office space. We have multiple meeting rooms to suit your needs - from private four person spaces all the way to spacious conference and presentation spaces that can accommodate more than 30 people under Covid19 protocols. Your business will utilise the most advanced audio-visual technology, premium high-speed internet, printing and mailing services, and IT support.

The location, the stylish fully furnished offices, the sublime high floor CBD views, the chic kitchen and break out areas, the private suites and co-working spaces – it’s a setting that enables optimum focus. Open the door to the Serviced Office model of only paying for what you need, when you need it. Prioritise the things that matter and assign the traditional office model to the past.

Conference Room​
The perfect stylish environment to catch up with staff or clients. Book what you need.
Forget leasing your own equipment and using it now and then.
Use our state of the art printers and copiers
Pay only for what you use.
High Speed Internet
Fast speed.
IT support. Secure.
Fully Equipped
No need for shopping.
We have everything you need in every space you use.
Flexible Work Space​
Use the co-working space and work and network.
/Meet the talent that surround you.
Mail Delivery
Company mail and packages.
Safe. Secure.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

Your business can occupy one of our Serviced Offices within a day. If you need to do things fast, you’ve come to the right place. Immediately you’ve branded your company with the status of a premium CBD address, but you haven’t locked yourself into some complex long term inflexible lease. Stay with us as long as you like, stay a few months, stay a year or more – we are flexible, we are versatile – we don’t make demands for long term, and especially in these challenging times, that’s a big relief. Put your business name on the door of your private suite. Print some new business cards. Use our local Australian based Virtual Receptionist team to filter and message your calls. Arrange a client meeting in one of our elegant meeting rooms and then afterwards sample the hospitality of the grand dining restaurants and chic relaxing bars that surround your CBD offices. Let your Serviced Office Directory team open a door to a new normal, a sensible practical solution that’s future ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to arrange all our services with easy simplicity.
Many years of experience has taught us how to ensure your satisfaction.
Our expert reception teams are always available to answer your queries,
Ask away.

How many staff can my private serviced office hold
On average our private serviced offices can accommodate 1-30 people. That's a general setting for most our locations. If you need, we can customise more space, we’re always scalable. More space or less, your business name on the suite door, special requests – just let us know your requirements.
I am ready to change to the Serviced Offices solution. How do I get one?
Contact us and arrange a visit to the Serviced Office location that best suits you, have a look around. Decide how much space you will need and make sure you examine all the services we have to offer - imagine joining this high floor A grade world. Discuss with us what you need and reserve the space for your enterprise. Then its time to move in and experience the benefits of the Serviced Office way.
Is it really cost effective?
The flexibility and versatility of a fully furnished Serviced Office is priceless. Think of the burden of overheads that the conventional office lease carries. Calculate all the costs for your current office space and let’s talk the new solution. The value of this flexibility and versatility is in the pay per use model. Why lease the space for a boardroom in the conventional way and outfit it with furniture at your own cost if you only use it once a week?
How secure and safe are the Serviced Offices?
These are premium environments with 24/7 office security, front desk receptions, strict Covid19 cleaning protocols, secure WIFI, and your private lockable office suite. Many of our meeting rooms are installed with Magic Glass for the utmost privacy. Our 15 years industry experience and the ongoing utilisation by a range of highly respected Australian businesses and entrepreneurs and International enterprises is a safeguard itself. We are in the business of securing your success.